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About Dubai Properties was established by local experts to address the general feeling of confusion that the rapid development projects in the city can cause for prospective buyers and sellers. If you're not a local realtor then things can feel a little daunting from time to time and when you're shopping for your dream home you need an edge to get your bid in faster than the next person. All of these considerations are what lead our team to adopt the advanced but simple search functions and listing features which we use today.

We're aware that you need to be armed with the most recent and relevant information so that you can rest assured of a wise purchasing decision, after all buying a house is one of the biggest investments one can make. Of course our services don't just stop at purchasing listings. We've extended our expertise to helping guests find the perfect hotel for their trip to our beautiful city because, like most people in Dubai, we just love to see eyes light up when they first take in the Dubai Marina or the Burj.

We're here because we love Dubai and we know you do too.

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